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For over a hundred thousand years, Wizards have been using astrology to seek out compatibility and glimpse future probabilities. Take advantage of this knowledge , meet a member of the opposite sex , same sex , or a polyamorous group ,in a dignified manner

Life is not a dress rehearsal for some other time, no matter where you are at , or what you are doing , IT'S ALWAYS NOW, that means something,it means destiny is in your hands feel the love you seek,send that love to another, anyone,feel the love,let it grow,give it away

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millions of us are hoping, that this administration, wont stoke inflation , breaking the back of social secutity payouts to seniors ,those as vulnerable as were the poor recipients from Louisiana this administration of neo-cons or nazis for the rest of us, have 2 columns only, credits and debits. 2 or more older folks, sharing resources,lives,talents, is safety in numbers, alone, no one should ever want or be alone, its up to you and me , this is your world ,you made it ,you can fix it whenever youre ready


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